Sherif is appointed Honorary Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Nottingham, teaches medical and nursing under/postgraduates, supervises research, has published over 50 papers and book chapters and delivered over 40 International presentations. To date he has been awarded over £424 000 of research funding. Sherif’s research has been awarded numerous national and international prizes including the prestigious 2010 Moynihan Medal of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI). Sherif is an expert journal reviewer for the following journals: British Journal of Surgery, British Medical Journal, International Journal of Obesity, and Clinical Nutrition among others.

He completed his PhD into the metabolic and cellular effects of carbohydrate-based preconditioning drinks that are used in Enhanced Recovery (ERAS) Protocols
( Sherif has co-authored numerous papers including international guidelines on Enhanced Recovery After Bariatric Surgery ( He also has research expertise on other topics such as perioperative nutrition, enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), insulin resistance and the physiological and metabolic effects of bariatric and metabolic surgery. He is invited to National and International meetings to speak on these topics.

Some of Sherif’s publications are listed below and can be accessed via Pubmed (

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