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P.S - Sleeve Gastrectomy

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P.S - Sleeve Gastrectomy May 2016
J.L - Sleeve Gastrectomy

I approached the choice for having surgery as one where I wanted the best in the business to perform it and didn’t mind travelling across the country to achieve this. I engaged 5 specialist surgeons before selecting Sherif who was head and shoulders above the rest for my procedure. He is a total professional, very friendly, approachable and polite. He did the most thorough questioning in my background and medical history, followed up with letters containing his analysis and recommendations, and put me at ease from day one. Overall a very knowledgeable, open and honest surgeon who is pragmatic in his approach and always ensured patient well-being was at the centre of his mind throughout the process. I have to mention my astonishment of having absolutely zero pain from the five laparoscopic incisions and only took pain killers for a day, as there was absolutely no need for me to take them. The incisions look very need and I’m pleased with the outcome. He comes with my full recommendation.

J.L - Sleeve Gastrectomy February 2017
S.M - Sleeve Gastrectomy

I first spoke to Dr Awad over the phone and the minute I spoke to him I felt very comfortable with him he was very helpful and very honest with me. When I met Dr Awad he made me and my husband feel very comfortable and it felt like he was not just a doctor but he actually cared about me.he made sure we understood everything and that if we have any questions he was here for us. He visited me before and after the surgery to make sure I was ok. The care that he and the team took of me was great,Not only did he made sure I was ok but he was also made sure my husband was ok and how he was feeling . I would recommend Dr Awad to take care of you not only is he a professional but very caring.

S.M. Age 31. London, Sleeve Gastrectomy January 2016. Derby Private Health
S.B - Revisional Gastric Bypass

My name is Sarah, I am or was a fat person. Four years ago I weighed 25 stone 5 lbs. I don’t know how I got this fat, it just sort of happened. A combination of over eating, eating the wrong foods and drinking too much wine.

One morning, despite trying every diet going I thought, my fat and ugly shape is not going to define my life. Stop me trying new things, stop me enjoying my family, stop me starting a new relationship and most importantly stop me living a healthy life not one that was slowly killing me.

I went to my local GP determined this was a once and for all effort. I was motivated, eating a healthy diet and confident I could conquer this issue of yo yo dieting. The GP referred me to The Derby Royal Hospital. The bariatric team were excellent. Two years ago I had a gastric band fitted, all worked well until a year ago it slipped and had to be removed in an emergency operation.

I still had over 4 stone to loose to get to a healthy weight and I knew without the band or support from the bariatric team the weight would return.

I consulted Mr Sherif Awad privately to see if he could help me. I had done research and felt I wanted to pursue a revisional bariatric procedure and selected a gastric bypass. A big decision but I was determined to complete my goal and finish my journey to become a happy healthy woman.

Mr Awad was amazing, he is highly professional, knowledgable, caring and most importantly an excellent surgeon. The operation was a success it went well, recovery was quick and I felt supported 100% of the journey. Since last August I gave lost a further 50lbs. Now have only ten to go!

I am still under the care of Mr Awad and feel able to share and contact him and his professional team with any question or concern at any time.

If you are considering revisional surgery don’t delay, finish your journey reach your goal. Take the next step. Talk to Mr Awad and start the rest if your life NOW!

S.B. Nottingham. Revisional Gastric Bypass. Derby Private Health. August 2016
L.M - Sleeve Gastrectomy

I had struggled with my weight since my teens and I had resigned myself to the fact that diets don’t work and I would be fat for the rest of my days. However as my health started to seriously decline as I neared the 30stone mark; my legs became swollen, I was too out of breath to climb the stairs and I had uncontrollable blood pressure. I began to get quite depressed about my future and worry about my job. I had heard about Mr Awad and the gastric sleeve surgery from family and friends and the amazing results that this could give. Despite being seriously needle phobic, I decided surgery was the only possible option as I was now more scared about what was going to happen to me if something didn’t change.

When I went for a consultation, Mr Awad was so pleasant, non judgmental and reassuring. He filled me with confidence that something could be done and he would help me to do it. He was quite clear about the options and gave me a realistic target of weight loss to expect which was between 6-8 stones. He listened to my fears about needle phobia and anxiety and came up with a plan to help me manage this. Just being listened too, helped me feel I has some control and it felt like a real partnership; that we would do this together, rather than he just performs the surgery and then it is up to me.

I had strict instructions for my liver shrinking diet and then returned for the surgery 2 weeks later. I had had some medication for anxiety first thing in the morning before going to hospital and this helped me relax a little. When I arrived on the Derby Private Health Suite, the staff were brilliant, every was smiling and so welcoming that I instantly felt at ease. Mr Awad came to see me and was pleased I had managed to lose 2 stones on the liver diet. He explained everything again and gave me lots of opportunities to ask any questions. Then the anaesthetist came to put in the needle- this for me was the worst part- but he was amazing. He was so calm and gentle, it was all done before I even realised and then I was on my way to theatre.

I have to mention the staff in the anaesthetic room (where they put you to sleep)- they are obviously experts dealing with anxious people and they managed to completely distracted me from the environment and what was going on which I am eternally grateful for. Before I knew it I was waking up back on the ward. Mr Awad came to see me on the ward straight after and said everything had gone really well, that felt so good to hear at that point.

I remember being quite drowsy after the surgery from the anaesthetic and just wanting to sleep. However you have to get up and walk and use the spirometer and this was really hard when I felt so drowsy. The staff were magnificent, helping me to get up and get moving. My pain was well controlled and I didn’t really feel anything unless I moved suddenly, which I soon avoided doing. My throat was very sore for the first day, but this was gone completely after a few days. The ward staff were so happy and caring and really wanting to help me in any way they could, this boosted me so much to keep positive.

The following day after surgery, I spent the day walking, taking sips and doing the breathing exercises and by that evening I was on my way home. I felt quite tired from the painkillers, but these really helped to manage the pain perfectly. I needed to get enough fluid in, but because I didn’t feel hungry anymore, the hardest job was remembering to drink.

I was also able to contact Mr Awad after the surgery if I had any concerns and I had several follow up appointments during the first year to monitor my progress and ensure I was on track.

It’s now just over a year since my surgery and I have reached my personal target to lose 12 stones. My life is transformed. I haven’t taken a blood pressure tablet since the surgery. I have gone from being out of breath walking 7 yards to being able to walk 7 miles. Nothing can describe the feeling of being able to just walk in any shop and buy clothes off the rail. I am now living again.

I can’t thank Mr Awad enough. He is a superb professional and is surrounded by an amazing team. Everyone helps and supports you as if it was their own surgery- they all want you to succeed. They have saved my life.

L.M. Sleeve Gastrectomy. Derby Private Health. January 2016
K.K - Sleeve Gastrectomy

My final decision to have my operation was only made after meeting Mr Awad. I found him to be really personable and approachable. He put my mind at ease on a number of matters. He was frank and honest with me regarding my health and the various benefits of surgery versus diets. My initial consultation was both informative and useful as Mr Awad was up to speed with my medical history, using facts and figures as well as images to demonstrate the benefits of each surgery option for me. Sharing his knowledge and expertise with me directed me to choose a different surgery to what I had initially envisaged. This is purely down to Mr Awad’s efforts and being able to give me bespoke advice during our consultation.

On the day of the surgery I met with Mr Awad and once again he made me feel at ease, talking me through the process calmly and checking if I had any questions. He greeted my family with warmth and ensured they were also well informed on the process for the day. This was really important to me and I think Mr Awad recognised this, putting himself in my shoes, a very rare quality.

Following the procedure, Mr Awad visited several times to check up on my progress, reassuring me during these visits and encouraging me to take certain steps to aid my recovery. This conversation really saw a turn in my recovery as following his advice I was able to leave hospital as expected. Mr Awad made sure he was available for one last check in before my discharge to ensure I was happy with everything and with a few final words of encouragement.

My next visit to the hospital was for a post-operation follow up and Mr Awad made me feel welcomed and not at all as if I was visiting a hospital. His ability to build a rapport with his patience is second to none, I have had first-hand experience of the importance of being able to communicate with your consultant and being able to reach out for advice without hesitation. This has been fundamental to my recovery.

During our meeting, I mentioned I had trouble getting hold of a few members of staff from the company I went through, within seconds Mr Awad was writing up an email to all concerned and copying in the senior consultant to ensure the matter was dealt with as soon as possible. He genuinely sympathised with me and followed this up with prompt action. The very next day I had a response from the company.

The only other thing I would like to mention here is Mr Awads prompt availability and response time. Whenever I have had an issue post-surgery I have been able to get in contact with Mr Awad and without delay Mr Awad will respond with his advice. Again in a friendly manner, to which I have become accustomed to whenever speaking with Mr Awad. Each time he has been able to solve and rectify any issues I have and this is truly down to his efforts, his knowledge, his expertise and commitment to doing a superb job.

K.K. Birmingham. Sleeve Gastrectomy. Derby Private Health. October 2016.
Karen Johnson - Revisional Gastric Bypass

I would highly recommend Mr Awad for any weight loss surgery. I had had struggled with weight for 30 years. He performed revisional revisional surgery on me and I had a gastric bypass in October 2016 where I was borderline super morbidly obese. After losing a good amount of weight already and I’m only a four months in I feel so much healthier and I have my life back. I still have a long way to go but this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am no longer hungry or crave food and sweets. Mr Awad is second to none and the pre and post op care has been incredible. He is brilliant.

Karen Johnson. Age 51. Derbyshire. Revisional Gastric Bypass. Derby Private Health. October 2016

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